‘Totterdown From Above’

Illustration by Bristol artist Emily Ketteringham showing a birds eye view of the terraces of Totterdown. Rows of colourful houses with their charecteristic valley roofs contrast with the bold shapes of the Jamia Mosque. The picture is drawn in clean lines with flat, bold colours.

A4 (21×29.7cm) £35

The close packed terraces of Totterdown as seen from above.  I was lucky enough to float silently over this colourful part of the city on a hot air balloon flight one morning. The curvaceous form of the Jamia Mosque can be seen on the left.

This is a Giclée print on archival paper which means the colours are lovely and vibrant, and guaranteed not to fade. The print is titled, signed, and embossed with my stamp.  Postage is free within the UK and print will be posted in a hard backed envelope.

Image showing prints by Emily Ketteringham ready to go in the post. Hardback 'do not bend' envelopes can be seen as well as brown tape and a sharpie pen.